Cosplay, i.e. dressing up as a character, plays a big part in the whole event, and is very much allowed all across the event area. In Kotae, you will also see cosplay competitions on Saturday and Sunday, when contestants fill up both the main and side stages!

Cosplay enthusiasts can make a cosplay outfit based on various fictional sources, such as animations, games, cartoons or, for example, idols. You can also design the character completely yourself, in which case the only limit is your imagination!

Participating in Kotae cosplay contests requires that the character must come from a licensed source. However, Kotaen Cosplay Foxwalk has no source restrictions!



Solo competitions

In solo costume competitions, the costumes are in the spotlight. Competitors get to pose on stage in front of the audience, in which case getting into the character is also recommended.

However, the evaluation of the competitions is based only on the execution of the costume. The evaluation is based on the technical execution of the costume, material choices, character fidelity and creative problem solving. Without forgetting the implementation of possible props!

Solo costume competitions are organized in three different categories: beginners, enthusiasts and experienced. If you meet one or more criteria from a certain category, please register for that category. The Kotaen Cosplay team reserves the right to move the competitor to a more suitable category if they deem it necessary.

Competition categories:

Experienced (HC Fox)

– You have placed in costume competitions before.

– You have a degree in a handicraft field or you work in the field..

– You are an experienced competitor.

Enthusiasts (Hobby fox)

– You have been cosplaying for several years.

– You have some or no competition experience.

Beginners (Baby fox)

– You are new to the hobby.

– You have no previous competition experience.



In addition to cosplay’s solo competition series, Kotae has a theme competition category that is open to everyone! The theme of the category changes every year, and the theme of our first year’s competition is: Demihuman.

By demihuman we mean a character who is part human and part animal, for example Raphtalia from the series: The Rising of the Shield Hero.

Competitors of all levels can participate in this category, but the decisive thing is that you must be able to justify why the character you have chosen fits this year’s theme.


Performance competition

In contrast to the costume competition, the performance competition brings the opportunity to compete for the best performance, as the evaluation is based only on the plot twists that take place on stage.

The evaluation is based on plot, character and series fidelity, exhibition and general look.

You can participate in the competition alone or in a group of up to 10 people.

The length of the presentation should be 1-3 minutes.


The more detailed rules of the competitions will be announced before the opening of contest applications.

Registration for competitions starts in March 2024!


Kotae Cosplay Foxwalk

If competing is not for you, but you hope for a chance to show off your outfit, the Kotaen Cosplay Foxwalk offers you the perfect opportunity. Cosplay foxwalk is a catwalk style fashion show, in which you can participate either alone or in a group of up to 6 people. Costumes can be homemade, bought or customized!

Foxwalk does not include an actual performance, but we hope you dare to throw yourself into the character during the walk and poses. There will also be a presenter who will explain the fashion show.


Photoshoots at Kotae Expo

Have you dreamed of a photoshoot moment in an environment that suits your outfit, but the opportunities for that have been limited?

At Kotae Expo, you will find different photo walls, whose fronts are more or less staged in different a ways to fit the background!

We will publish more information about the styles and props of the photography walls as the event approaches.



If you have any questions regarding the competitions or the cosplay foxwalk, please feel free to contact our cosplay representative. You can reach him at dragoneri(a)