Kotae Expo is organized by volunteers from enthusiasts for enthusiasts, and it would not be possible to organize it without enthusiastic contributors!

Have you always wanted to see how events are organized? Do you have interest for volunteer work? Would you like a new way to experience the event?

If the answer is yes, welcome to apply as a volunteer to Kotae Expo!

You can apply for several positions at the same time, but please note that you can be selected only for one position. Applications can be sent only through Kompassi.


Sign up at Kompassi 

The application form is open until all the positions have been filled. Applications will be accepted when suitable people are found. You can check the status of your application in Kompassi.

Open Kompassi here and get involved in creating Kotae!


Volunteer benefits

    • Entry to the event throughout the event

    • Warm food on Saturday and Sunday

    • Access to the volunteers’ own break room (green room), where snacks and drinks are also available

    • Event volunteer merch (t-shirt or other Kotae-branded product)

    • Free accommodation at the exhibition center Fri-Sat-Sun

    • Work certificate

Volunteer assignments

There are plenty of different things to do at Kotae Expo. Most of the tasks do not require previous experience and we will introduce you to the task and support you throughout the event.

Experienced persons can also be appointed as shift manager.

The minimum working time of volunteers is 8 hours at the event. The work shifts are planned so that you can also enjoy the event as a visitor, so you don’t have to spend the whole weekend working.

Mini shifts

Have you always wanted to be part of organizing an event, but don’t want to commit to the full 8 hours? Come and try volunteering for a mini-shift that lasts only 4 hours!

The minimum contribution for mini-shift volunteers is 4 hours. This entitles you to free entry and warm food on the day of the shift. You get full volunteer benefits when you work at the event for at least 8 hours.

The work shifts are planned so that you can also enjoy the event yourself as a visitor, so you don’t have to spend the whole day working.


You are welcome to volunteer, even if you have different limitations. Our venue is accessible. Please note, that most volunteer tasks involve a lot of social interaction and surprising situations.

Write about your limitations in your application, and we will be able to take them into account when planning work shifts, as well as ensure the accessibility of your workstation.

Volunteer assignments at Kotae Expo:

As a cosplayfox, you get to help with various chores related to the cosplay competition.

Stage foxes help in rehearsals and performances by carrying contestants’ Stages and props to their places. On the backstage you get to help the cosplay contestants prepare for the exciting competition and for your part, make sure that the atmosphere remains comfortable amidst all the excitement.

Moderators monitor the channels of the Discord server that is open during the event, and it includes e.g. removing inaccuracies, directing the conversation to the right channels, giving possible cooldowns and answering questions or directing them to the right parties.

Moderation can be done from the venue, but also remotely.

Moderation is mainly done from own devices, but there are a few laptops at the event just in case. 

Requires Finnish writing skills.

As a green room fox, you get to take care of the event’s volunteers’ food supply.

The position requires a hygiene pass.

As a harassment contact person you will be making sure that our event stays free from discrimination and harassment, and that Kotae Expo is safe place for everyone. The contact persons work is an on-call role, i.e. they are available during the opening hours of the event. Your task is to support visitors and volunteers who have faced harassment, harassment, bullying and other inappropriate treatment at the venue or online. 

The position requires an age of 18 and Finnish language skills. Previous experience as a harassment contact person, or harassment contact person training can be an advantage.

There are many tasks for volunteers at the evening party! Helping hands are needed, from pre organizing the parties to clearing them, as well as for various running tasks during the party.

The position requires an age of 18.

Kotae Expo’s info knows everything and answers all questions that event visitors and event organizers may have!

We are looking for people who can manage customer service, don’t freeze when faced with difficult questions, and are always ready to find the answers to the purpose of life as well as finding a lost wallet. The work at the information desk is versatile, fast-paced and sometimes a bit stressful, so a good ability to withstand pressure is necessary.

Event security team supervises the safety of visitors at the event.

The position requires a valid security steward licence and a customer service attitude.

Moving furniture & attaching signs. The job involves moving and carrying heavy objects, so good general condition is necessary. Work shifts are mainly timed outside the opening hours of the event.

Most of the work is scheduled for Friday and Sunday. Please let us know in the free area section, if you are not available from 28.-30.6. in between some day.

Competition assistants work is instructing the competitors at the event venue, keeping the locker rooms tidy, following the schedule, assisting the judges.

As a traffic control fox, you ensure that the event’s parking lot is used efficiently without chaos.

The position requires an age of 18 and a driver’s license, mobility and weather resistance. Work shifts are scheduled for the entire duration of the event.

As a ticket sales fox, your duties include selling tickets and exchanging them for wristbands, as well as distributing VIP packages.

The position requires an age of 18.

As a logistics volunteer, you act as a driver for picking up goods/people.

Class B driver’s license and required. C card holders are also required to have driving experience. Work shifts are mostly on Friday and Sunday.

As an accommodation volunteer, you monitor the sleep of sleeping volunteers and visitors. Shifts on both Friday and Saturday nights.

The position requires an age of 18.

As a sales fox your task is to sell accessories at Kotae Expo’s own Kotae shop stand.

The position requires an age of 18, customer service spirit and diligence.

Cloakroom foxes are responsible for running the event’s cloakroom.

The work itself is simple and also suitable for young people and first timers, but there’s much to do!

Good customer service skills help with the job!

Supervising programs and workshops and other assisting tasks.

For the volunteers of the speech program halls, knowledge of AV technology can be helpful.

Hall technology (AV) and information technology (printers, local networks, WLAN) problem solving.

The task includes shifts also before the event.

As a general fox are the so-called jack of all trades at the venue, i.e. you can be called upon to help other teams in various tasks, such as e.g. filling water points or assisting cloakroom during rush hour.

The tasks do not require special skills.

Separately agreed volunteer position.

Have you agreed about a certain task with a person in charge of Kotae Expo? If you are instructed to select “Erikoistehtävä/Special task” while applying, select this as your task. In the open word field, state in more detail which position and by whom you have been selected.

You do not choose a special task for your tasks, if you have not been specifically instructed to do so.

All volunteers must be at least 15 years old during the event. Some of the positions may also require an age of 18 and/or for example, a hygiene pass or driver’s license. (These tasks include, for example, evening parties, accommodation supervisors and other night jobs, as well as tasks involving money handling.)

We are also looking for experienced workers who have already gained experience in other events for various tasks. They can be selected to be responsible for guiding the volunteers in their own roles. You can use the application form to indicate your interest in working as an supervisor. 



Feel free to consider volunteering regardless of your previous experience! Most of the tasks do not require previous experience, and you will learn the basics of the tasks quickly. In addition, there is always someone in charge from whom you can ask for help.

If you have experience in something that could be useful in the job you are applying for, mention it in your application!

For all volunteers, a general orientation session is organized before the event. We will inform you about the time of the event later. Some department heads also organize separate training sessions related to the tasks. The teaching materials are also available electronically well before the event.

Participation in orientation sessions is not mandatory. However, we recommend them to all volunteers, as the orientation also offers an excellent opportunity to get to know other volunteers and the like. If something bothers you, don’t hesitate to ask!


I applied to be a volunteer – Do I need a ticket to the event? 

If you have applied for the Kotae Expo 2024 event as a volunteer in Kompassi, or submitted an application to organize program, you do not need to purchase a ticket to Kotae Expo.

Kotae Expo ensures a ticket availability for all who have applied in the volunteer search and the program search, so if you are not selected for the event’s workforce or program organizer, you will be able to claim your ticket even after the selections have been made.


Work certificate

You can get a work certificate from the event’s workforce manager after the end of the last work shift.



More information about working at Kotae Expo is provided by the volunteer manager. You can reach him by e-mail at kotaery(a)gmail.com



Go to Kompassi and apply now!