In Kotae Expo harrasment or discrimination of any kind is not tolerated. Everyone has the right to feel safe in our event without fear of discrimination, harrasment or assault.

We are aware that especially in public spaces and events it’s very unlikely that the space is completely safe for everyone. Hence we encourage all visitors and staff to actively create an atmosphere in which everyone’s safety and well-being are priotities. Let’s take care of one another!

How t create safer spaces:

    • Respect the physical and mental space of others. For example ask before you touch another person and don’t photograph anyone without their permission. Listen and alter your behaviour if you get feedback. 

    • Respect everyone and don’t assume. Don’t assume anyone’s sexuality, gender, ethnicity, nationality, religion, values, socioeconomical background or health. Respect pronouns and names. Be aware of your own privileges.

    • No bodily discrimination. Don’t make comments on other people’s bodies, even if you mean it as a complement. Remember that all bodies can cosplay any character! 

    • Respect other people’s opinions, beliefs, xperiences and different viewpoints. Don’t make fun of , degrade, cast aside or embarras anyone with your words or actions. 

    • Be responsible for your own actions. Be aware that your actions affect other people, even if your intentions are good. Remember that harassment can be both intentional and unintentional. An innocent joke or comment can be distressing.

    • Give room. Aim to give everyone room in the conversation. Don’t brush aside other people’s opinions and let them speak. Respect people’s privacy and deal with sensitive topics with respect.

    • Intervene with harrasment. Ask the target of harassment or discrimination, if they ned help or support.
    • Mind others with your outfits. Refrain from dressing in attires that offend people’s ethnicity, nationality or religion. Also keep in mind that our event is age limitless.
    • A cosplayer is not the character they cosplay! Don’t make assumptions based on the cosplayer’s costume.

This code of conduct was adapted from Ropecon’s anti-harrasment code of conduct and Y-festival’s and UN’s event’s safer space code of conduct.