Rules of Order
Please read the rules carefully before the event. All participants of the event must follow these rules while attending the event to ensure the comfort and safety of all.

The event abides by Finnish law and regulations, which are intended to be used to create a safe event for all participants. Security and order will be maintained by police-approved security guards. Their instructions and the instructions given by the organisers must be followed.

The security guards have the right to prevent access to the event area and, if necessary, remove individuals from the event area who do not comply with these rules, Finnish law, the anti-harassment policy or otherwise cause a disturbance. No refund will be made for tickets of individuals that are removed from the event.

The security guards also have the right, if necessary, to inspect individuals entering the premises and/or their belongings, and to confiscate prohibited objects and items.


Kotae Expo wishes to provide a comfortable and safe event for all participants. Bullying and harassment is not tolerated, so please remember to behave respectfully towards everyone at the event.

If you encounter bullying or harassment at the event, please contact the security guards or harassment officers immediately. We will publish the contact details of harassment officers as the event approaches.


Come as you are, but wearing clothes is mandatory. Please note that the event is not age-restricted and is open for all. Adequate clothing is therefore mandatory.

Cosplay and costumes or parts of them cannot cause harm to other people. Please note that in order to verify your identity, especially when attending age-restricted programs, you must be able to show your face if necessary.

Kotae Expo is a space free of discrimination. Wearing or displaying symbols as part of your attire that are inappropriate to our event’s values or that are hateful to other groups of people is prohibited without specific permission. Regardless of your attire, behaviour intended to intimidate or cause distress to other visitors is strictly forbidden.


Imitation weapons
Bringing any object capable of harming another visitor to the event, even as part of a costume, is prohibited under the Finnish Public Order Act.

Section 10 of the Public Order Act
Possession of objects and substances suitable for injuring others
(1) The possession of the following objects or substances intended or suitable for causing
serious injury to other people in a public place is prohibited:
1) edged weapons, broken glass and other similar objects suitable for slashing or stabbing;
2) batons, chains, bows, wires, cables, baseball bats and other similar objects suitable for
3) darts, metal balls and other similar objects suitable for throwing;
4) corrosive substances and substances that are suitable for seriously injuring or temporarily
paralysing a person;
5) air guns, spring powered weapons, harpoons, catapults, blowpipes and other similar
objects suitable for shooting;
6) laser pointers that are hazardous to health.
(2) The possession of objects that bear a deceptive resemblance to a firearm or an explosive
object is prohibited in a public place.
(3) The provisions of subsections 1 and 2 do not apply to objects and substances whose
possession is necessary for a work assignment or other valid reason.

The possession of objects that deceptively resemble a firearm or explosive objets in a public place is prohibited.

If your costume’s props include a replica gun or other arm-length items, it is forbidden to point them at people or wave them around at the event. In addition please note that any part of your costume that imitates a sword or other bladed weapon may not be sharpened. Imitation firearms must be clearly marked (see instructions below.)

Plastic magazines must be empty and the weapons must be without batteries or gas. Even with marked guns, there is no pointing at bystanders. Barrels of all objects resembling firearms must be plugged.


Weapons marking
All objects and props resembling weapons must be checked by security guards on arrival at the event.

Inspected and approved items will be marked by the security guards with a tag which may not be removed from the item while at the event. If for any reason the tag is removed, the object must be immediately re-checked by the security guards.

If as a visitor you witness un-tagged imitation firearms or prop weapons at the event, you should contact the security guards immediately so that the prop can be checked.

Please remember to transport items that look deceptively like weapons in their transport cases or otherwise covered. The display of objects resembling weapons is only permitted indoors of the event premises.


Other props
There’s plenty of space to showcase larger outfits and props, especially in Hall A. However, please make sure that all your props are made of soft material and in such a way that they are not capable of hurting other people, even accidentally, under any circumstances.

There are areas of the venue where it is forbidden to enter with large costumes or props. Props can be stored in these areas for the duration of the visit in the free props -cloakroom.


Kotae Expo is a substance-free event.

The possession of alcohol is prohibited in the event area and intoxicated individuals are not welcome at the event. Intoxicated individuals will be directed away from the event area, and prohibited substances may be confiscated if necessary. Illegal intoxicants will always be reported to the police.

Please remember that if you consume alcohol outside the event, for example at an age-restricted evening party, you are not welcome back to the event area or event accommodation if you are intoxicated.

Smoking and electronic cigarette use is only permitted outdoors at designated areas.

Access routes and open spaces
Access routes at the event must be kept unobstructed. Stairways are not for sitting or photography, and no camping is allowed in the lobbies or corridors. There are plenty of spaces available for hanging out at the event area.


Unfortunately pets are not allowed at the event and cannot be brought to the venue. Animals also must not be left alone waiting in the immediate vicinity of the event area, even if they are used to it. Guide- and assistance dogs are of course welcome at the venue and indoors.

It is prohibited to hang up advertisements, brochures or friends to the walls or other surfaces of the event area with adhesive tape or by any other means without prior agreement with the event organiser.

Commercial activities at the event are restricted, please contact the organisers if necessary.

Please keep the event tidy and take your own rubbish to the appropriate places in the rubbish bins. Please also consider recycling and sorting waste wherever possible!

The noise level at the event can reach a considerable level. For this reason, playing music from your own equipment is not allowed.

The use of drones and other unidentified flying objects in the event area is prohibited without separate pre-arranged permission from the event organisation.

Bicycles, skateboards, skateboards, kickboards, hoverboards and other similar mobility boards are not allowed in the event area. Please leave your vehicle parked outside of the event area.