The atmosphere of the Kotae Expo evening party is about to be warm! Saturday evening you’ll find two different parties to choose from. More information about both evening party programs will be updated on this page as the event approaches!



Toki’s megaparty at the exhibition center

The atmosphere of the exhibition center officially takes off when the event’s main stage is taken over by more and more amazing performers of Kotae’s evening party!

Kotae’s evening party on the main stage of the exhibition center is allowed for everyone, and there is no alcohol serving on the premises.

Evening party will be using one whole expo hall, that can fit in over 2000 partygoers! 


More information TBA


Koe-party at Bar&Cafe Lategame (K-18)

A warm atmosphere prevails in the premises of Kotae Expo’s partner Bar&Cafe Lategame in the evening, when the adults of our event will have an opporturnity to head to the center of Tampere!

Koe-party are age-restricted, and only adults (18+) are allowed at the premises. At Lategame, you can see performers during the evening and you can also participate in other programs organized on site.

At Koe-party participants get to continue the evening at a slingtly calmer environment compared to Toki’s megaparty at the exhibition center. Even tho there will be plenty of action at this party as well!


More information TBA

Performer applications

Kotae Expo’s evening party is looking for performers!

Are you ready to conquer the Kotae Expo evening party stage and create an unforgettable atmosphere? This is your chance!

We want you to join us at the culmination of our amazing event day – the evening party! Sign up using this form, and tell us what exactly you or your group would like to offer to our evening party. Performers are wanted for both the exhibition center’s Toki-party and Lategame’s Koe-party. You can apply to perform at both or just at one of them.

This is your chance to shine, see you at the party!

Event entrance tickets to the evening party artists according to agreement. We will contact all evening party applicants separately by e-mail to agree on the details.