In Kotae Streams corner you’ll be able to meet your favourite streamers live, and to follow their livestreams! You might even get to know new streamers!

Kotae Streams corner will have something going on during the whole event! We’ll publish more detailed timetables during spring 2024.

Apply to Kotae Streams!

Would you like to see your favourite streamer at Kotae Streams corner, or would you like to attend to the convention as a streamer?

In the Kotae Streams corner, fully equipped workstations will be waiting for streamers to play and start their streams. In addition to gaming, you can also host other live streams from Kotae Streams corner, such as board game, music or art steams.
Let us know who you would like to meet at the venue or apply yourself!

We offer our streamers the same benefits as our program organizers.

Apply to Kotae Streams corner or let us know your favourites!