Kotae Expo’s program will feature a breathtaking CMV competition!

In the CMV competition, i.e. the cosplay music video competition, the participants compete solo or in groups for the best cosplay music video production. Music video priductions inspired by music and cosplay look for skills in scriptwriting, acting and videography as well as video editing. Competition is open for everyone. 

The winner of the competition is chosen by a pre-selected jury, who choose their favorites based on the set judging criteria. In addition to the judges, the audience gets to vote for their favorite music videos during the competition. The instructions for audience voting will be explained during the finals. The winners of the competition will be announced right after the finals.

There are no source restrictions for the material used in the video. The source used can be from any licensed work, for example series, movie, game or a book.

Registration for the competition opens on October 9. 2023 and closes on May 19. 2024.

In case there is a large number of participants, a pre-qualification will be organized if necessary. In the pre-qualification, the judges select the videos that will make it to the finals, which will be shown in the competition. The results of the qualification will be announced by e-mail no later than June 16. for all who have registered to the competition.

Competitors do not have to be present at Kotae Expo. You can participate in the competition even if you cannot attend the event yourself. The finalists of the competition are offered the opportunity to buy a normal price ticket to the event.



Registration begins: 9 October 2023
Registration ends: 19 May 2024 at 11:59 pm
Participants will be notified of the final place by June 16, 2024
The winners of the competition will be announced at the Kotae Expo


Registration for the competition opens on 9 October 2023 and ends on 19 May 2024. Videos sent outside the application period will be automatically rejected. You must register for the competition only through the transmission service indicated on this page. Instructions for using the service can be found below.
You can only submit one (1) video to the competition. Videos made as a group or in collaboration are counted as one video for each participant.

The duration of the video must be at least 1 minute (1:00) and at most 4 minutes (4:00). In addition to this, the video may have opening and closing credits, which may last a maximum of 30 seconds. In total, the length of the video must therefore be no more than 4 minutes and 30 seconds (4:30).

The video must be a cosplay music video, for example generic event videos are not allowed. However, the video can use the material filmed at the events.
The video material must be filmed and edited by the competitor or his team. The video must consist mostly of video material. Occasional use of still images is permitted.
The quality of the video must be good enough. The manager of the competition may weed out too low-quality videos. The technical requirements of the video are listed below.
The video’s audio should mostly consist of music. The use of several songs, as well as the use of effect sounds, text and dialogues is allowed.

The video does not have to be unprecedented, i.e. it can be published before the competition. However, videos that have been in the finals of previous CMV competitions are not accepted for the competition.

The source material of the characters used is free, but they must be from a licensed source. Your own source or OC characters, i.e. your own fictional characters, are not allowed except when necessary as anonymous background characters. When participating, you must send pictures of the characters. More information about it below.

The cosplay costumes shown in the video are not evaluated separately, so the costumes can be self-made or purchased. However, costumes can be evaluated based on the overall look and feel of the video, as well as character believability. The main focus is on the recognizability of the characters.
The production team must have the permission of the persons being filmed to appear in the video and to appear publicly in competitions.

K-18 material is prohibited. The manager of the competition cuts off videos containing too harsh material.


Technical requirements

Try to shoot and save the video with the best possible quality. Recommended resolutions for videos are 1920x1080px or 1280x720px. (The minimum accepted resolution is 480x360px.)

The FPS (framerate) of the video must be at least 23.976fps, but no more than 60fps

The recommended final file format is MP4. Other accepted file formats are AVI, WMV and MOV.
Please choose the music used in the video with the best possible quality. Also consider the sound quality of any spoken dialogue parts and effects.



The competition jury will be announced later.
The search for judges for the competition is now open. Read more here!



The competition awards:

    • The best places 1.- 3.
    • Audience favorite


Required downloads


    • Competition video

    • Reference picture of the character/s, 1 – 3 pictures per character.

    • A short synopsis

    • If you wish, you can send attachments about the video making process along with the video. Attachments can be images, screenshots, video footage and/or text. We prefer file formats jpg, png, mp4, pdf and doc/docx.

Please check the information before sending. In case of problems, first try using the transmission service with another browser. If you have any problems or questions, please contact the CMV-manager by email at kotaery@gmail.com.


Transmission service instructions 

The video transmission service of the CMV competition can be found at https:xfer.velhosto.fi.


    • Type in the transfer code (lähetyskoodi): kotae24-cmv


    • Enter your email address in the form

    • Enter your real name and nickname in the sender’s name field (e.g. First name Surname (and nickname/group name in parentheses.)

    • Under “sender reference” (lähettäjän viite) write: name of the video, list of source materials used in the video, audio material and possibly other additional information you want to provide to the organizers. At the end, also add information about whether you are coming to the event.

    • If the information does not fit in the field, you can send the information in a separate text file, which you can attach during the transfer of files.

    • Once you have filled in and confirmed the information on the first page, you can proceed to upload the video, image and text files. You can drag the files directly into the window, or click “Add files” (lisää tiedostoja) and browse them from your computer. The system allows sending several files at the same time. In possible problem situations, first try using the page with another browser.

    • Please name your competition entry in the form: Nickname-Video name


Participation restrictions

Persons participating in the organization of the competition or their close circle cannot take part in the competition.


Personal data processing and conditions of participation

The participants’ personal data is processed only by the CMV manager, the event organizers and those responsible for the transmission server. The Säätöyhteisö B2 ry is responsible for the maintenance of the transmission service. The information you enter will only be delivered to the previously mentioned parties.

By participating in the competition, the participating editor accepts the conditions described in these rules. When participating, the participant also allows their information to be added to the Kompassi system. If your video makes it to the finals and you don’t have a ticket to the event, you can buy one regular-priced admission ticket for yourself. More detailed instructions and additional information will be sent to the finalists before the event. 


Contact information

If you have any questions regarding the competition, please contact the CMV representative by e-mail at kotaery@gmail.com.