What is Kotae about?

Kotae Expo is an event focusing on Japanese and Korean popular culture. The main themes of the event include manga, anime, cosplay, Japanese and Korean music, dance, as well as board games and video games.

Everyone is welcome to our event as they are, and the most important thing at Kotae is to have fun together with other enthusiasts of the same themes. For example, at the event you can share the joy of cosplaying, i.e. dressing up as different characters, with hundreds of other enthusiasts and friends.

Kotae Expo brings together numerous enthusiasts of different ages from all over Finland. The event is suitable not only for experienced enthusiasts, but also for those getting to know its topics for the first time. There is a lot to do at the venue throughout the weekend, such as various workshops, competitions and other programs.

Although cosplay plays a big role in our event, participation in Kotae Expo does not require wearing a cosplay outfit. Dressing up also does not oblige you to participate in cosplay competitions or to be photographed.

Age limit

Kotae Expo is an alcohol-free event and has no age limit.

However, young people participating in the event must be able to take care of themselves if they visit the event without their parents. We therefore recommend that children under the age of 12 visit the event accompanied by their parents.

If your child participates in the event alone, you should discuss before the event how to act with other participants and costumers at the event. This way, both they and the other participants will have a positive experience of the event. We also encourage you to discuss the guidelines related to photography. Permission for photography should always be asked from the subject. Our more detailed organizational rules will be published during the spring.

Accommodation and meals

The event arranges floor accommodation for its participants. Floor accommodation places need to be purchased beforehand, and the places will be sold during the spring 2024. There are only a few hotels in the immediate distance of the exhibition center. However, bus service to the center of Tampere is regular, so you can look for accommodation a little further away.

During the event, the restaurants of the exhibition center are open, so it is not necessary to leave the exhibition center during the weekend to pick up food.

Floor accommodation and lunch tickets to the restaurants of the exhibition center are also available as a package deal in the form of Super and Ultimate VIP ticket packages.

Safety & first aid

Safety is one of the top values of our association and the event. A big group of security guards together with our experienced security team are responsible for the security of the event. In addition to the event security, we have harassment contact persons on duty at the event. Our participants can contact the harassment contact persons at any time.

First aid attendants are also available throughout the event days, and are able to help the participants of the event when necessary. People with first aid skills can also be found in the event’s security team and in the rest of the event’s organization.


At the venue we will have a cloackroom available for all visitors. Suitcases, sleeping pads, and other items can be safely stored there throughout the day. Handing over the goods to the cloackroom is at your own risk, but the cloackroom is always staffed by our volunteers, who also make sure that no unauthorized persons are visiting behind the counter.

Additional questions?

If you did not find an answer to your question, don’t hesitate to contact us. For general questions, you can reach all our organizers at kotaery@gmail.com.

We warmly welcome you to Kotae!