Kotae Expo’s Creative Corner offers visitors a chance to try out a variety of artistic and other creative activities, such as drawing, painting, crafting and crafts. The work is mainly self-directed, so you can try out all the activities at your own pace. Additional guidance can be requested from the creative corner tutors at any time.

The Creative Corner is not only for those interested in art, it welcomes everyone to enjoy and experience the joy of creativity!

Art Trading Cards

At the Art Trading Card Design and Exchange Spot, you can design your own art trading cards and exchange them with other artists. Kotae Expo’s art trading cards borrow their ideas from the ATC and ACEO cards. The only rule is that the cards must be 63 x 88 mm in size and Kotae Expo art trading cards are for trading only, not for sale. All formats are allowed, as long as the card stays within the dimensions given. Cards may be handmade or printed. You may therefore wish to prepare your cards in advance at your own expense. We recommend a minimum thickness of ~170g/m2 paper. There will be a limited number of card bases available in the Creative Corner for visitors to use.

Please note that we the following guidelines for the illustrations and artwork on the cards.

The artwork featured in Kotae Expo art trading cards should be:

– the artwork must be produced by the artist
– the artwork is not fanart (except for Kotae Expo’s own mascots)
– The artwork may have been previously published, but no free or paid copies of the work have been previously distributed
– the artwork has not previously been used in other art trading cards
– the artwork is suitable for all ages

Other Activities

More activities will be published later in the spring and summer!