Kotae-Pop dance competition

K-pop takes over Kotae’s main stage, as we present you with a completely new competition concept!

The Kotae Pop dance competition has three categories: k-pop solo, k-pop group and a completely new introduction to the field of cover competitions: the ‘Jokeri’ category. In the K-pop categories, you compete alone or together with a group of at least three people, with familiar k-pop covers. In the ‘Jokeri’ category, a group of at least three people covers everything and anything, except k-pop. This category can accommodate Odotmitta groups as well as dance groups covering western pop music! The sky is the limit.

You can now read the competition rules (in Finnish) from here. Contact janskuvaan@kotae.fi if you need help with the rules.

Registration to the competition has ended.

Please note that contestants must have a ticket to the event. You can buy tickets here.


The stage is T-shaped and has a 4×8 back area and a 6×4 catwalk. You’re welcome to use the catwalk in your performances, this is recommended for solos specifically.


Annipulla – Joker

Hello, I’m Annipulla, nice to meet you! I discovered my own dance style Odottemita more than ten years ago, and since then I have been actively performing both in videos and on stage. My dance hobby started when I was a little kid with ballet, and in addition I danced contemporary and jazz dance for a long time. At the moment I dance in the Anlimited∞ Odottemita group and in recent years I have participated in e.g. in FROSTBUSTERS and Tracon Dance Medley.

I’m already looking forward to the competition, I hope to see you there!

Ida – K-pop Group

Hi! My name is Ida and I am a communication student, dancer and model living in Tampere. I have 18 years of dance experience, which consists of e.g. ballet, contemporary dance and hip-hop. At the moment, my repertoire includes commercial, heels and jazz. In K-pop scene I am known as a member of the BACKPAIN DANCE CREW, but I also work hard in the production teams and evaluation panels of events and competitions, such as K-CON Suomen and Seoul-U Stage.

I look forward to all the competition performances and I hope that the competitors get a lot out of my feedback!

Jani – K-pop Group

Hi, my name is Jani! I’m a lively guy from southern Finland and I’ve been performing and working in the K-pop scene for several years (e.g. music videos). I’m interested in the visual side of K-pop. I have dance experience in hip-hop since I was a child.

I’m looking forward to the performances of all the contestants! See you at the Kotae expo!

Nat – K-pop Solo and Joker

Hej~ I’m Nat, and I mainly dance street styles. I dance different styles and I have also competed myself for several years, e.g. in the Street Finnish Championship. Nowadays I am a dance teacher and choreographer (12 years now). In my own choreography, I am inspired by j-pop and k-pop music and choreographies, and I actively follow those who choreograph music videos (e.g. 1MILLION, RUSHBALL). I focus most on the dancer’s technique and “texture”.

I’m looking forward to the good energy on stage!

Ronja – K-pop Solo

Hi! I’m Ronja, one of the founding members of Valar Dance Crew and an active dancer in Cosmos Dance Crew. I’ve been dancing all kinds of styles from show, street and folk dances to K-pop for about 8 years. At the moment, I am also completing a bachelor’s degree in dance in Rovaniemi. I myself have competed in several different kpop dance competitions over the years and that is why it is a pleasure and an honor to be able to judge Kotae-Pop’s K-pop Solo category!

I’m looking forward to seeing the desire to develop and great performances!


Three best performances are awarded in each category with a certificate. More information about prizes coming soon!

Random Play Dance -program

In Kotae, you can enjoy shared dance moments at Random Play Dance!

The popular game from South Korea invites all k-pop and music lovers to dance together to the choruses of popular k-pop songs.

Random songs are played one after another, and if you know how, you can join in the middle of the ring to dance to its choreography. However, you don’t need to know how to dance to participate in this program, you can just come to enjoy the music and encourage other participants!

Come to enjoy the RPD atmosphere!