Our venue is accessible. If you wish, you can contact us by e-mail regarding questions related to accessibility. 


  • Arrival 
    • Disabled spaces (10 pcs) can be found near the main entrance. 
    • Buses to the venue stop near the main doors. 
  • The rightmost door of the main entrance opens electrically with a button. 
  • The premises on the second floor can be accessed using the elevator. 
  • You can ask for a wheelchair for the duration of your visit to the event at Info in the main lobby. 

Intimate spaces 


    • The toilets at the venue are mainly unisex toilets during the event. 
    • Outside the toilets, you will find information about the number of toilet cubicles in that WC space, as well as the existence of possible urinals or childcare stations. 
    • The locations of accessible toilets will be announced closer to the event! 

Shower facilities 

    • Shower facilities can be found at the venue, especially for the needs of those staying at the floor accommodation throughout the event. The shower facilities can be found near the lobby and will be marked in the venue map  

Changing rooms 

    • The locations of the gendered and unisex changing rooms will be announced closer to the event! 


Quiet space 

  • You can find the quiet space in the seminar center, on the second floor of the venue. 
  • The quiet space is suitable, for example, for calming down or praying. 
  • Please leave the conversation to other spaces! 



  • Some places have been separately reserved for visually impaired or hearing impared guests and their assistant (one assistant/person) 
  • There is no induction loop available in any areas of the venue. 
  • Wheelchair spaces are available in all program facilities. 



  • With the exception of assistance dogs, it is forbidden to bring animals to the event premises. 
  • Perfumes and e.g. hairspray may only be used in the changing rooms.