Do you need a calm space, where to espcape the racket of the event? Or maybe you want to talk to someone about your worries and problems? Maybe you just want to be by yourself or take a breath of fresh air without disturbances. For all of this we have a quiet space at the venue!


The space

  • The quiet space is open during the event’s opening hours, including the evening party
  • The space is located in Seminaarikeskus, room Pluto, which is in the second floor
  • You can access the space by stairs or elevator from the main lobby, in front of the restaurant Arlanda
  • The space includes Pluto and the changing room and the terrace attached to it
    • Smoking on the terrace is prohibited!
  • There are tables and chairs as well as a tap and power socets for charging your phone in the room
  • The quiet space has a toilet that is not accessible. The closest accessible toilet is in the same floor

Tampere Youth services

  • The quiet space is organized together with Tampere Youth services
  • You can find a Youth service employee at the room during the event’s opening hours
    • Sunday: 9-17
    • Saturday: 10-2
  • The employees are there for you. If you have anything on your mind, don’t hesitate to talk to them!

The purpose of the room

  • In the quiet space you can
    • Unwind
    • Rest
    • Pray
    • Talk to the employees of the Youth service

  • You can also draw or play games e.g, if you keep all the devices muted or use headphones.

  • Please have your conversations with friends in other spaces! There are seats just outside the room.