It’s time for idols to resonate together!

The Idol festival concept that has gained popularity around the world has finally landed in Finland: Resona! Idol Festa invites all idols to live up to their dreams and to shine together — on a common stage! Our mission is to fill the Kotae Expo with the joy of song and dance, and we hope you will join us in making this dream a reality!

We offer 5-10 minute performance times for both groups and solo acts, so our Idol fest is a perfect opportunity to try performing with a shorter set list. The exact performance time will become clear when we know the final number of performers.

Resona! Idol Festa is a new idol festival held at Kotae Expo, and our mission is to offer an unforgettable idol experience to the expo visitors!

The performer have been chosen!

Resona! Idol Festa wants to invite as many idols as possible to join us on our journey to create this spectacle and it’s finally time to send in your applications. The performers are chosen based on the applications, so please take your time to fill out the form — there’s no need to hurry. The application period ends on 2.15.2024. All of the performers have been chosen and contacted.

Performer’s info package:

  • Each performer will get 5-10 minutes of stage time at the festival. The exact length of a time slot will be decided once we know the final amount of performing parties.
  • You can perform either solo or in groups. One group is considered to be one performer, and the number of members in any group will not affect the length of the time slot they are given.
  • You are free to use your time slot as you see fit. The performances can consist of, for example, singing, dancing or theater – or why not mix all of them!
  • The songs performed have to relate to idols in some way but we don’t have any further restrictions on source material.

Performance applications will be opened in the near future and we are constantly releasing more information about the event! 

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