The purpose of our association is to increase, develop and maintain opportunities for enjoying Japanese popular culture in Finland, especially by organizing events. Kotae Ry is a non-profit association.

Our first big challenge is Kotae Expo 2024 in Tampere!

Our main organizers for 2024 are Nimu Helenius and Tiia “Susetela” Salminen. There are currently around 30 active members of the event organizers, and we warmly welcome all people interested in organizing the event to our teams!

If you want to participate in the activities of the association, or to organize Kotae Expo 2024, please contact us by email (, or come and talk to us at the events! The year around organizer work will require communication skills in Finnish (spoken and written). You can read more about joining our organizer team from the organizer search page! (Finnish only)