There are several places to eat at the Tampere fair and sports center and its surroundings.

At the venue

Visitor lunch at restaurant Arlanda (1st floor, from the main lobby)

Price of the luch buffet 15,00€

The price includes two main course options, one of which is a vegan vegetarian option, salad table, bread and spread, ice water, red juice and dessert coffee or tea and a cookie. You can get more information about allergens from the staff.

Teriyaki chicken M, G  
Samosas with vegetable filling M, VEG
– Ketjap manis -sauce G, M 
– Sweet chili sauce G, VEG 
Wok vegetables G, VEG 
Coconut rice G, VEG 

Chicken Gochujang M, G 
Hoisin-seasoned tofu vegetable wok G, VEG 
Roasted paprika and beans G, VEG  
Steamed rice G, VEG 


Indulgence is allowed! You can choose a tasty pie to accompany your coffee or tea or a melt-in-the-mouth över egg. As a snack and in addition to salty hunger various filled baguettes and warm toasts available. Choosing also includes cold and hot specialty coffees.

Open Sat 10am-8pm and Sun 10am-4pm.


Grilled products for big or small hunger available from 11 am. Choosing in addition to the traditional Burger, a vegan option. As a novelty, “Loaded fries”, i.e. the most American-style French fries. Would Fried Chicken sound good?

Open Sat until 7 pm and Sun until 5 pm. The kitchen closes 30 min. before closing time.


A-hall restaurants: 


Stop by a nice corner cafe to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. Choosing between salad boxes and smoothies, not forgetting filled rolls and buns.

Open Sat from 10 am to 8 pm and Sun from 9 am to 5 pm.


Bubble waffles familiar from Hong Kong street kitchens are available with mouth-watering sweet fillings: Oreo chocolate, strawberry-marshmallow & Biscoff sandwich. Sliced ​​pizza available for salty hunger. The difficulty of choosing: Would you like Marghareta or salami?

Open Sat from 10 am to 8 pm and Sun from 9 am to 5 pm.


E-hall restaurants:


Fruity bubble tea is refreshing on a hot day. The fruit pearls are gluten-free and vegan.

Open Sat 12-19 and Sun 10-16.


@Torii Theme café

Read more about the theme café from HERE! 


From the surrounding area

There are several different places to eat in the vicinity of the venue, e.g.

K-Citymarket Pirkkala (distance approx. 1 km Palmrothintie 2, 33950 Pirkkala)

  • K-Citymarket sushi buffet
  • Restaurant Birk (Naughty BRGR, Slicemonger & Momotoko)
  • Kotipizza
  • Hesburger
  • Kahiwa Coffee Roasters

Shopping center Veska (distance approx. 1 km Saapastie 2, 33950 Pirkkala)

  • Easy Pizzabuffet
  • Subway
  • Ståhlberg Kahvila
  • Burger King
  • Itsudemo
  • Fire Wok
  • Ninan keittiö

Prisma Pirkkala (distance approx. 1,5 km Kenkätie 4, 33950 Pirkkala)

  • Ruokatori (e.g. wings, baguettes and salads)
  • Abu Fuad Kebab

McDonald’s (distance approx. 1 km Palmrothintie 1, 33950 Pirkkala)