Welcome to meet Kotae Expo’s mascots Toki and Koe!

Toki is our exited enthusiastic and the curious learner of the event, who loves to wonder and investigate everything new. Koe on other hand balances the situation with his calmness and helpfulness. You can find the answers to almost all your questions from Koe as reliably as from the most popular search engines.


Species: Kota-animal
From: Tampere

Food: Mango
Drink: Boba
Colour: Turquoise
Anime: Aggretsuko

Special skills: hustling, cheering, making friends and somersaults


Species: Android
From: 33000

Food: Kimchi
Drink: Battery
Colour: Orange
Anime: Summer Wars

Special skills: Counting in head, navigating, searching information, high jumping