At Kotae Expo 2024 we’ll meet various guests around Japanese and Korean popular culture topics. Get to know our published guests on this page! By clicking on the names of our guests, you can also access our news article about them, where you can find more detailed information about them. News articles available only in Finnish.

All guests of Kotae Expo 2024 will be published on this page during the spring.

Gen Takagi

Gen Takagi is a Japanese YouTube artist and comedian who moved to Finland, and is known for his YouTube channel GEN TAKAGI | KORKEALINNA.

Our guest’s dream is to combine Finnish and Japanese comedy by bringing the Japanese comedy style to Finland permanently. We will be hearing more about manzai comedy style in Kotae along the performance and Q&A programs!

Manzai is a form of comedy show where comedians perform on stage in front of a mic and make the audience laugh with pre-scripted funny conversation.

The programs that Gen Takagi stars at Kotae Expo:

Saturday: TBA

Sunday: TBA


Namikolinx is a Finnish content creator and social media influencer, known especially for her positive and funny YouTube videos.

Did you know that Namikolinx’s own book “on rankkaa olla tyhmä” (It’s Hard to Be Stupid) was released in January 2024?

“It’s hard to be stupid, is a phrase I’ve run around a lot in my head, even though it’s not even true. Who put this idea in my head? Bullies? Teachers? Strangers online?”

This empowering self-esteem book deals with topics that many people can easily identify with. At Kotae, you will have the opportunity to ask more questions, since Namikolinx will be seen in Nami’s story time Q&A program at Kotae! You might also get to meet Nami in person at a meet & greet event!

The programs that Namikolinx stars at Kotae Expo:

Saturday: TBA

Sunday: TBA