If you experience harassment, bullying, teasing or other inappropriate treatment during the event, you can contact our harassment contact persons in addition to the security team of the event. The harassment contact person listens, comforts, supports, helps to clarify the situation, and takes the matter forward if necessary.

Harassment contact persons are on duty throughout the event, including during evening parties and at night. So you can reach out to them at anytime.

Contacts to harassment contact persons are completely confidential. The matters brought to them will not be taken forward without the harassed person’s request.


You can reach the harassment contact persons both by phone and text message during the event

044 781 5517 (på dagen) 

044 781 5518 (på natten 22-09)


You can also contact the harassment contact person via Harassment report -form. With the form it’s possible to reach them also before and after the convention.

To the Harassment report form